Introduction to Zhe MedicEdit

Medic intro.png

Zhe Medic as he appears in the games

Zhe Medic is a German Mann of Medicine.

Zhe Medic win

Zhe Medic's first win

he Started playing hunger games around early march, late April and has been around since.

Zhe Medic Won his 1st game on July 26th, 2015.

So far he has won 2 games

Zhe Medic's 2nd Win

Zhe Medic's 2nd Victory

He has also hosted 20 Uber Games.


Zhe Medic is most notably affiliated with Metal Sonic.

they reside in a Laboratory and there is where they do sciencey things.

Healing aura...

Zhe Medic's best healing ability

His Best Friends are Soviet and Jude.

Zhe medic is also friends with Biker Cat (Previously macho cat) because he helped him look more macho.

Small Gallery Edit

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