Suika Ibuki is an avatarfag, having participated in at least 20 games as of this writing.


Suika Ibuki, as of now.


Suika Ibuki is a character from the Touhou Project series, a series of bullet hell shooting games. She appears in a fighting spinoff game called Immaterial and Missing Power, where she plays the role of the final boss.

Due to the anonymous nature of the boards and the relatively short life of threads, it's hard to tell when Suika started showing up in the games, though best guesses point to Mid-April.

Bets Edit

Throughout the history of The Games, Suika has made various bets with people.

Suika Vs. Eruka 1

Terms: In the Games, the first one to fall would be the other's assistant for a week. No take-backs, full term.

Results: Win for Eruka, in the endgame rounds.

Effects: Eruka, not skipping a beat, forced the oni to give up her high-end alcohol in the first day of servitude. This is a dangerous move, seeing as how the hangover could seriously have killed her. In the meantime, she had snuck alcohol from various sources.

Though on the first day Eruka's influence was very strong, after that she had less power over the oni, whom started to get very snarky and un-cooperative. Eventually, the whole thing was wholly forgotten.


The Oni is quite energetic and positive, as one would guess from her appearance. Despite this, she has massive amounts of raw power. She enjoys drinking quite a lot; there's very few times where she wont' be drinking, even in combat! She claims to have been drinking for thousands of years.

As is typical of many oni, she values strength and fair play, looking down on people who are weak, cowardly or dishonest. Suika isn't below using some under-handed tactics however. She tends to tease those she thinks below herself.

Relationships Edit

Suika, due to her chipper personality and abundance of booze, finds herself being relatively popular, something that mildly surprises her, but nonetheless she enjoys a bit. Her love of alcohol often leads her into relations with avatars she doesn't intend to be with.

She is currently in a relationship with Guts.