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"This man was his buddy... and his enemy."

"Yo, Buddy. Still alive?"
― Pixy, on various occasions

Biography Edit

Larry "Pixy" Foulke (ラリー"妖精"Foulke Rarī "Yōsei" Foulke) was a mercenary pilot during the Belkan War. He is better known as simply Pixy (小妖精 Ko yōsei) and as Cipher'swingman and, later on, his enemy. During a mission in 1993, his right wing was torn off by enemy fire, but he nevertheless remained in control and safely returned to base, earning himself the alias of "Solo Wing Pixy", which he used from then on as his personal callsign.[1] He later painted the lost wing of his aircraft, either the same Eagle or a replacement, crimson to commemorate the incident.

Recent Victories Edit

On May 12th, 2015 at 20:28 hours Solo Wing Pixy nabbed a victory over the devious Hunger Games by throwing a knife into Serena's chest. Although there was another candidate at the time. He had an unfortunate accident by falling off a tree onto his death. It is then that Solo Wing Pixy soared the skies above the games and proved his legendary battlefield skills across the skies.

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