Pyros usual Roster Image (aside from special occasions)

About Pyro Edit

Pyro is a (so far) genderless mercenary of fire.

He loves everything about fire. In fact she wields several forms of weaponry including: Flamethrowers, shotguns, flare guns, fire axes, sledgehammers,

Gentlemann of the fire

Pyro being fancy

It first joined the HG community in early to mid summer.

Time In-Game Edit

Pyro was never really too active in the community. she usually pops in, plays a game or two then pops out. and on rare occasions he'll stay for a few hours before not being seen for a while.

Stats Edit

Pyro has hosted 0 times

He has won 0 games

she has lost over 30ish games

Relationships Edit

Pyro is as forgettable as forgettable gets. Not a lot of people remember he exists until he actually comes back and even then he's easily forgotten. some say she has a lack of personality.



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