Phosphophyllite (フォスフォフィライト, Fosufofiraito), or Phos for short, is the main protagonist of HG and the most beautiful avatar to have ever graced the threads. They're weak, brittle - not suited for battle - and their cuteness makes them difficult to maintain any other roles. Phos is my Goddess. I love Phos.

Here are some reasons why I love Phos!

1.) She's cute.

2.) She always tries her best.

3.) She's literally a goddess.

Currently she is fucking dead but I am currently working on locating both a Lazarus Pit and her remains to change that fact. I have not made any considerable progress on either. The Villains behind her demise, Merak and Deadpool, are considered enemies of the Phos Fellowship and are to be shitposted on sight.