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Nonon Jakuzure is a regular avatar, as well as one of the first. She is the first two game winner ever in the Cancer Games, and one of three avatars to make it into the Hunger Games Hall of Fame. She is currently married to Shovel Knight, who she affectionately refers to as Shovesy.

Nonon first fell in love with Archer Sterling, but was soon drawn away from him by the appearance of Shovel Knight. After the 25th Cancer Games, which Archer killed Nonon to secure victory in, Nonon officially broke up with Archer.

Nonon has been seen as a whore by many contestants, but this is no longer true, as she is fully devoted to Shovel Knight.

She is also a futa, and is often discriminated against because of this.

The Monkeyman Incident

On March 31st, 2015, Uzu Sanageyama somehow convinced Nonon to have sex with him. Shovel Knight happened to walk in on this, and broke up with Nonon, leaving her with a broken heart. After much drama, and many attempts by Nonon to prove her worth, Emile Chaillon begged Shovel Knight to forgive Nonon. Shovel Knight did so, and the two were reunited.