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Pre-Game History Edit

Mr. Turner (or Dad Turner) is the father of Timmy Turner.

He works at a Pencil company and has yet to reveal his true name

During Game History Edit


Mr. Tuner and a chainsaw

mr. turner Joined the games in Mid-May and Has been an active member until the 1st Prom games where he Took his Wife, Mrs. Turner, to a five star dinner.

Since the 1st prom he wasn't heard from for a while until mid-June when he returned for a while, He has been an on-off character since

Stats and Relationships Edit

So far Mr. Turner has won only 1 game.

His main enemy is Dinkleberg.

Image Gallery Edit

Dinkleberg (2)

Mr. Turner showing that he dislikes Dinkleberg


3D glasses


Pencil Costume