Monsoon has been an Avatarfag since February. He's won 2 games and hosted 7 of his own. Edit

History Edit

Monsoon started to Avatarfag as a piece of Broccoli named Broly. This only lasted 6 consecutive games, though he was a top competitor, gaining places of 3rd-5th in 2/3 of the games he's appeared in.
Polar Knight is his second attempt at an Avatarfag, while strong only competed in 9 games with 7 of them placing higher than 6th place. A hiatus took place with him only to return 20 days later with a new persona. Monsoon quickly took this plight.

In the great UI crash of May, Monsoon couldn't find a way to host his Meme Games, as everything was lost on his computer. (What a fucking macfag not backing up his files) He returned early July, but don't expect him to make any games soon until he's sure he's back for good.

The Meme Games Edit

Do not enter the Meme Games. Do not win the Meme Games.

Complete and utter madness. Most psychological horrors happen here in Monsoon's foggy battlefield of magnetic complexity, with the added bonus of traps located here or there, maybe even near the cornucopia. Food isn't scarce, but people frequently die of hunger anyways. Since the Meme Games' events were scrapped, Monsoon had to start over from scratch, as he plans to beckon the madness that dwells in each of the tributes.

The Buttons Edit

There are 2 buttons hidden within the battlefield. If button one is pressed in the same page as button 2, the game immediately ends, and a new host is selected. Since Monsoon is trying as best he can to create new events, it is unlikely that this event shall occur. If it does, Monsoon will make sure the games end prematurely with horribly drawn explosions.

Winning Edit

Winning the games is a 1/36 chance, and people who think they win because of their popularity are surely mistaken. Winning is about numbers, when you got in, how and where you are placed, and how many people you can kill. If you do manage to win, all Monsoon has to offer is a winning screen filled with confetti. How boring!