Lord Dominator, also known as Paul, is the most autistic person from the /ERP/ threads. After singlehandedly causing the downfall of the /ERP/ threads with his romantic involvement with DMG, he came to HG. (probably to stalk DMG). (Definitely to stalk DMG).

Constantly posts weezer lyrics while shitposting about how nobody gives him any attention, for weeks at a time. Relapses to a short period of roleplaying that usually lasts 2-3 days before returning to his usual gimmick. Paul likes to jack off to children and young boys He mostly visits to get his fap material. There is a very real possibility that Lord Dominator, also known as Paul, also known as Three Doors Down, the mystical alt-rock group that gave us such classics as "Superman" and "Wonderwall", was involved in 9/11 as well. This as well is added because Lenny probably did 9/11 and Paul gave him enough mayonnaise to enjoy his sandwich on the day of the momentous occasion. Paul is 19, he smokes a Jule and drinks a lot of mustard. I mean Monster. Who likes Calarts? No one, that's who. That's why space-time can be measured in cubes. Anyway. Paul gave himself an erection and died from an aneurysm on July 2018. No specific date, just the entire month. It wasn't a very impressive erection.

As of July 2018, his relationship with ERP Superstar Dark Magician girl his shifted to become a more open one, with him paying for male prostitutes to come suck DMG off in Canada while streaming the ordeal for him.

Paul is also the reason Donald Trump was elected.