Karen is the desu overlord~ 



Karen is an adorable girl who transfered from England to Japan, which resulted in her Japanese being a little broken. This is why she says the word "desu" a lot. Karen is a highschool student, even though it may not look like it. She always has her spirits up and is almost always in a good mood, she's rarely sad. She's been announced as a likable but somewhat weird person because of this, which she is fine with.

The GamesEdit

Karen can be both deadly and friendly on the fields of battle. She's fairly new, so she hasn't earned a lot of wins, 3 wins to be exact. Karen's first victory was in the 45th Shekel game, her 2nd game ever. 

Karen's first win


Karen has gained a lot of friends in such a short amount of time, but the most noticable are the following..


Chitoge and Karen are best buddies, they even have their own blonde tag-team. They are currently the only winners of The Magic Library Games, with Karen being the 1st and Chitoge being the 2nd winner. 

A picture of Chitoge and Karen with eachother's uniform

Koyomi AraragiEdit

Karen's friendship with Araragi started when they went to the market to buy donuts, with Araragi carrying Karen on his shoulders. Karen wanted to be carried like a princess at first, but Araragi found it to be too silly. She has seen him as a big brother figure ever since then. Araragi also seem to love her laughter. 

How Karen wanted to be carried at first


At first Yosuke didn't like Karen too much, because of her broken use of words, but soon grew to accept her. Yosuke is a part of Karen's pirate crew. He joined after he lost to her in rock-paper-scissor.

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