About Gravesly Edit

Gravesly is a skeleton who wears a top hat and a suit. He's best known for staying calm and trying to be a voice of reason. He most often joins the games by saying "Hello, friends~" or something of that nature, and most tributes reply. He gets slightly frustrated when no one calls him by his real name, but it doesn't bother him all too much. Also enjoys being called Fleshy

The GamesEdit

Gravesly has won 6 games and his kill count is currently 68, which he doesn't like bringing up because he likes to be seen as a gentleman instead of a brute, although he does enjoy taking credit whenever he takes down someone who's cocky.

Friends Edit

All is fair in love and war
Gravesly doesn't have any "enemies", and is generally friendly to all tributes, although on occasion he does make some sarcastic comments.

Relationships Edit


Gravesly's entrance photo for almost every game

Gravesly is in a relationship with Buttercup