Erica's History Edit

Erica Hartmann is a witch of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Karlsland and affiliated with the Karlsland Air Force and her home unit: the JG52. Some call her by the pet name of Frau. However, she became renowned as the Black Devil. Erica is Karlsland Airforce's (and, therefore humanity's) 1st greatest ace.

During her first weeks of the games she took a strong interest in Medusa's team and ended up joining with her and Medusa's other followers. She often referred to Medusa as "Mistress" and was very keen on staying with her. That is until in one match of Hunger Games, She had accidentally pledged herself to Medusa's enemy Satsuki. Medusa had already been on edge about having to support others or having to deal with them in general so she didn't help Erica which made her leave Team Medusa.

The same day after this a good friend of Erica, Ilya had offered a spot on her team for Erica, she reluctantly accepted now becoming a member of Team Ilya. Many of the current friends of Ilya had come from Erica recruiting them which includes(Archer,Ikibu,Shino,Mio)

Also during this time Erica had been involved in Satsuki's fic writing of "Foot Shit" a semi-erotic story depicting Erica and Medusa as Erica is punished. This is because during the day of her leaving Team Medusa, Erica refused to lick Satsuki's boot.

However there were two side affairs she was dealing with on the side. One of them being the interest in the one who had kept her going by pushing her to make her stronger: Gilgamesh. The other being Ta-Class, someone who she believed would be able to help her become more powerful for team Ilya and to please Gilgamesh.

Update: After many events that have taken place from the involvement at the Prom games and Erica's own games being hosted.

As of 6.20.15 she is up to 11 wins (Shion Games, Murderous Games IX, 18th Top Nep Games, Mobile Games, Time Games 2, 20th Erica Games, 122nd Dark Side Games, Game of Thrones X, and two other anonymous games.)