Emi "Legion" Ibarazaki


First image used to enter the games.


After joining the mercenaries.

Emi came onto the scene of the Hunger Games sometime in 2015 under the name "Bladerunner", under which she won the 12th Cancer Games. After some searching and having been seen running, she was recruited into a massive group of mercenaries and began training to be a scout and a message runner. During this time, due to having been personally chosen by the man known as "Centurion" to undergo 1 on 1 training with him, she gained the name "Legion" or "Legionmate". Since then, she has won 4 games, once while hungover.

A spark may have existed between Emi and Shion during her days as Bladerunner, but a combination of factors including Kei Na convincing her that Shion wasn't really interested in her due to her lack of feet made her abandon the relationship. She has since began a relationship with her bunkmate and is learning under her to take on the duties of a Machinist Mate when aboard the flagship of the main fleet of the mercenary group.

Sometime during her training, she underwent surgery to gain cyborg legs and arms to allow her to better carry the weight of her armor. Said legs and arms are removable in sections for the sake of comfort and maintenance to the base, which has been permanently attached to her flesh and is where her nervous system was hardwired to the synthetic nerves in the limbs.

Since joining, she has become more familiar with her fellow mercenaries, befriended a tank nut named Akiyama Yukari and made up with Kei Nagase, become a corporal for her actions in battle, helped negotiate a deal for food with the Abyssals and befriended the representative for said negotiation, Ru-class Tanager, whom died after Emi called down an orbital strike on the grounds on which she had just finished hosting a round of the "Legion Trials", a variation of the Hunger Games, and has since assisted in the care of the clone of Tanager, whom named herself Musaki when offered the chance by her creator, Melia. Emi also called upon the gods of gets, asking for dubs to bring Musaki to mental maturity, and was answered.