Basic Bio Edit

Comrade Soviet is the best ava to have ever existed in HG ever since he deployed in March of 2015.

Stupid Origin Entry Edit

We start this mental breakdown of Soviet in March 2015, back then he was known as Dimitri. Dimitri was a weak, incompetent Russian soldier when he first arrived. But soon he began his ascension during the first HG prom of 2015, where Dimitri killed himself (hey did you guys hear? Dimitri died). At first he did it for attention because he was a complete дебил урод and that didn't get to participate. However, once his soul was about to ascend to heaven, three great figures stopped him at the gate. These figures revealed to be Stalin, Lenin, and what seemed to be the spirit of the Soviet Union approached him. The Soviet spirit laid it's ethereal hand upon him and said, "No more tears, only communism now." which then Stalin and Lenin used their glorious powers to merge Dimitri's and the USSR's soul into one, turning the once weak Dimitri, into powerful being, now with a new name: Comrade Soviet.

Abilities and BS Edit

Soviet is secretly one of the most powerful ava in HG after being granted his powers from the glorious Red Gods. However we never get to see his immense Slavic power, this is due since he chooses to tank and absorb the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone levels of radioactive and psionic activity of the place, which weakens him enough to that of a regular human.

Even though he doesn't have his powers, one thing that stays is his vast knowledge of Russian Spetsnaz tricks and maneuvers, like to never shoot the inaccurate with a pistol, and strong arms when he shoots Kalashnikov rifles. This gives him a better chance at competing with the local Japanese insurgents in the arena that frequent the place. . His most talented ability is when he backflips out of a building and hit targets with a throwing axe and a grenade launcher attached on to his AK-74M.

One final thing as well is that everyday is his birthday. So be sure to greet him.

Equipment Edit

  • Latest Gorka/Ratnik armor
  • Red Army Coat with vest inside
Assault Rifles
  • AK-74M
  • AK-103 w/ GP-25
  • AKS-74U
Light Machine Guns
  • PKP Pecheneg
Submachine Guns
  • PP-Bizon
  • PP-2000
  • MP-443 "Grach"
  • K6-3 Altyn Helmet
Grenades/Misc Equipment
  • RKG-3 Frag Grenade
  • Flash or Smoke Grenades

Quotes Edit

"Greetings comrade"

"Сука блять"

*gives AK*

TL;DR Edit

Soviet is not the hero HG needs, but the one they deserve.