Baron Blade, is one of the main villains from the Tabletop Card Game "Sentinels of The Multiverse"

Ivan Grigori Romanat, otherwise known as "Baron Blade" is a Mad Scientist and Ruler of Lithuania, who, due to personal reasons, is obssessed with killing his nemisis, a superhero called Legacy, should he ever appear in these games.

Claimed to be the best scientist in Nuclear and Genetical engineering, more military avas recruited him into a gang of mercenaries, now disbanded, Known as the "Crazy 88"

He is clever and freindly but has a hug ego and incredibly short temper. inside this man is a bitter hatred, loathing of others and a lust for sadism and Vengeance.

He treats the rest of the avas as "Civillians" and whilst he will help them out with their personal problems, he will rarely care about them. Antagonistic by nature, he easily gets into fights with people that mock him or "get in his way" long-term friendships quickly get terminated during these outbursts, so it is never wise for another Ava to become attached to him.

However he came to these bloodthirsty games as a means of vacation, and whenever he is not suffering from such mood shifted outbursts, he quickly becomes friends with whoever talks to him. He swiftly befriended other villainous avas like Ganondorf or Alma Elma, but has also treated other avas with great respect, such as Taurus, or The Medic.

His most notable interactions are with Yosuke, Revy, Sophisto, and with the Abyssals called Southern War Princess and Anchorage. This is because they are often the ones who suffer from his moments of rage, and yet he still tries to treat them as friends or rivals..

Despite these love/hate freindships its best put in his own words "you are ethier a Friend or an enemy, no inbetween"

His technology is impressive, ranging from Elemental Redistributors built to absorb and fire out elemental attacks, to his Displacement Teleporter and Blood Healing Nanites making it impossible for him to die from blood loss alone. But outside of it hes is nothing but a spiteful man in a labcoat.

His Villainry and sadism had somehow managed to get him into relationships with some of the Hunger Games' psychotic women, such as Vraeth or Shadowrise, however these never last long. Baron claims to never need or want anyone though this might just be a bout of stubbon hatred causing him to stay alone.

Anons have taken to calling him many things from Hugposting Cancer to Ship-Stealer Blade, on account of all the avas anons quicklyshipped him with one night.

His most Notable meme was a case of spoilered cringeworthy ERP with Vraeth that he had wanted to end quickly.

reminders of this event often making refernces to him stabbing vraeth in the shoulder as they kissed, is used to goad and tease Baron, to which he finds it funny if tiresome as well.